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Keeping Little Lungs Healthy

July 20th, 2018

Catholic Home Care’s Pediatric Asthma Program is an interdisciplinary, holistic, evidence-based approach to asthma management. Through a partnership with the Asthma Coalition of Long Island, experienced pediatric home health nurses receive specialty training to offer education, training and support to children diagnosed with asthma and to their parents. The program experienced a tremendous growth in the number of pediatric asthma referrals and home visits completed through 2017 into 2018. Upon referral, a home visit is scheduled with the family within 24 hours of an acute care discharge. The child undergoes a physical assessment, including a respiratory evaluation. Also, the nurse performs an environmental assessment to assist the family in the identification of any potential asthma triggers in the home and offers recommendations on reducing their impact.

In addition, medications are reviewed and reconciled to ensure they are being used as prescribed and family members understand the mode of administration, purpose and desired
outcomes. A five-question Asthma Control Test is conducted during the visit and at discharge from home care, giving helpful information about the child’s level of asthma control. The clinician works with the family, pediatrician and pulmonologist to reduce asthma exacerbations. Through this team approach, the family is equipped with the tools necessary for a productive, healthy life.

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For more information about Catholic Home Care's Pediatric Asthma Program

For more information about Catholic Home Care's Pediatric Asthma Program