Catholic Home Care, through our founding order, The Congregation of the Infant Jesus, has been providing nursing services to people in need for over 100 years.

Catholic Home Care has repeatedly been named by Outcome Concepts Systems as a member of “Home Care Elite,” a listing of the 500 best agencies in the United States based on quality outcome data.  Specialized services of Catholic Home Care include behavioral health, infusion, palliative care, and pediatric programs.  Catholic Home Care, through its telehealth and disease management programs, has consistently had one of the lowest re-hospitalization rates of any home care agency in New York State, and continues to exceed state and federal benchmarks on this important indicator.  Catholic Home Care provides pastoral care home visits throughout Long Island, offering spiritual care services to nearly 2,100 patients in their homes.

Catholic Home Care has multiple disease management programs including, Diabetes Mellitus, COPD, cardiac management, “The Balanced Approach” falls prevention, joint management, pneumonia, and stroke. These multi-disciplinary programs are implemented each day and support successful outcomes, enabling people to remain at home following serious illness.

Catholic Home Care is the premier Medicare-certified home care agency on Long Island serving Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens Counties. 
 Home Health Compare, a federally sponsored website comparing home care agencies across the country.  Catholic Home Care ranks as a market leader for indicators related to the ability to remain at home after home care services are finished, and preventing emergency care for patients receiving home health services.  Catholic Home Care has a staff-supported fund entitled “The Patient Assistance Fund.” Staff will donate to this fund via payroll deductions, and the monies are used to provide for non-covered expenses in the community, including medication purchases, heating assistance, food, clothing, and housing expenses. This program is unique among home care providers across the country.