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Catholic Home Care provides services to patients in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens counties. Our highly experienced, friendly, and helpful staff are available for referrals and inquiries seven days a week to ensure care coordination needs are met. Referrals can be made from facilities, physicians, families, and patients.

To speak with a representative from admissions, please call 516-586-1421 or 631-465-6830.
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Home Health Aides

Home Health Aides provide personal care, assist with bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and home exercise programs under the direct supervision of the professional nurse or physical therapist in conjunction with other skilled services.
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Medical Social Workers (MSWs)

Certified Medical Social Workers provide information and referrals to community resources, assistance with nursing home or assisted living placement, help in applying for Medicaid or other entitlement programs as well as counseling for the patient, family, and long term planning.
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Nutritional Counseling

Registered dieticians provide nutritional counseling assistance as needed.
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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists provide services that enable patients to regain independence in performing activities of daily living, personal care, and homemaking. OT’s instruct fine motor, cognitive, and sensory exercises. Therapists are available seven days a week.
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Palliative Care

Palliative Care focuses on the prevention, assessment, and treatment of pain and other physical, psychological, and spiritual problems and can be provided at the same time as curative treatment.
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Pastoral Care

Pastoral care chaplains offer spiritual and emotional support, addressing such patient issues as meaning, identity, sadness, loss, helplessness, worth, faith questions, and end of life concerns. They also offer support to family members. When requested, chaplains will arrange contact with the patient’s clergy member or faith community.
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Physical Therapy

Physical therapists provide Individualized evaluation, gait training, transfer training, gross motor skills, home exercise programs, and other therapeutic treatments in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Therapists are available seven days a week.
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Skilled Nursing

Professional Registered and Licensed Nurses provide skilled nursing care, including assessment of vital signs, treatments, education, medication review, nutrition, and safety evaluations . Nurses educate on the impact of acute and chronic illnesses such a diabetes and heart disease; teach self-management techniques for asthma, diabetes, stroke, heart, and respiratory conditions; and provide Instruction and support with wounds, ostomies, and catheters. In addition, our skilled nurses will arrange for additional services if needed, such as infusion therapy, telehealth, palliative care, behavioral nursing, and coordinate with others on the home health care team.
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Speech Language Pathology

Speech language pathologists provide a progressive rehabilitation program for patients experiencing difficulty in speaking, swallowing, or communicating.
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Daily and “as needed” transmission of a patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, weight, oxygen saturation, and temperature are transmitted via a home monitoring system, Phillips, in a proactive approach to patient management.
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Wound Care

Catholic Home Care has a team of specially trained nurses with advanced certification in wound, ostomy and incontinence care.  They are available to evaluate and manage complicated, difficult to heal wounds and will work with your health care team to provide the best standard of wound care.  They are also trained in caring for all types of ostomies, and will make recommendations about the best type of ostomy care to help patients adapt to living with an ostomy.
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