Pediatric Care


The Pediatric Program at Catholic Home Care is designed to offer home health services for newborn infants, children, and adolescents using an interdisciplinary approach to care. Services are provided to children with both short-term and long-term needs that include complications of prematurity, diabetes, heart or lung conditions, wound care, and palliative care.


  • Case Management by pediatric RNs who will coordinate the care prescribed by the physician.
  • Evaluation and education by Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists in home exercise programs designed to facilitate optimal level of functioning.
  • In depth instruction for parents and age-appropriate instruction for children on medications prescribed by their pediatrician.
  • Education and management of the child at home with advanced technology equipment such as life vest and apnea monitoring.
  • Teaching related to any dietary restrictions designed to manage the disease process.
  • Education on eligibility for community entitlements intended to support you in maintaining your child safely at home.

Asthma Care Management Program

This program provides comprehensive education and support to children and families. The program is designed to support the multi-faceted needs of the asthmatic child and family as they learn how to effectively manage this chronic disease. Our nurses are specially trained in collaboration with the Asthma Coalition of Long Island.

Diabetes Care Management Program

This program is designed to provide in-depth instruction for parents/caregivers and age appropriate instruction for the child on the management of Diabetes. This includes teaching related to diet, blood sugar monitoring, insulin preparation, and administration, as well as strategies to reduce potential for long-term complications of the disease. Our team will work closely with the family and child in preparation for re-entry into the school setting following diagnosis.

Pediatric Palliative Care Program

This program utilizes a team approach to offer comprehensive care for the child and family diagnosed with a complex long-term, potentially life-limiting illness. The team consists of specially trained nurses, social workers, and therapists, who in close collaboration with the physician will work with the child to maintain the highest quality of life and comfort. Parents are offered support as they are often confronted with difficult decisions regarding their child’s care. Emphasis is placed on incorporating the entire family into the child’s Plan of Care in an effort to strengthen bonds, provide support, and maintain open communication within the family unit.


Each child will receive a Plan of Treatment in collaboration with the pediatrician and specialists to address his/ her clinical concerns. All indicators will be monitored to assess outcomes.

  • Child (as appropriate) and caregiver’s ability to verbalize understanding of medical conditions, medications, and dietary restrictions.
  • Child’s compliance with home exercise plan with caregiver oversight.
  • Child and caregiver’s understanding and compliance with established medication regimen.